YES or NO?? Or…

Over the last few days, I’ve been turning things around in my head and have come to a surprising conclusion – I don’t actually want Scottish independence.

Before I’m accused of being a turncoat, let me explain. I certainly want Scotland to make its own decisions, most particularly on spending priorities given the colossal difference in economy and society between Scotland and rUK (okay, London). But – as if it required stating – I love my adopted English family and relatives deeply, and I know from direct experience how difficult they would find a permanent, irrevocable “separation” of the countries.

I don’t think these arguments are unique to me, far from it. That’s why I believe that, had a third option been on the ballot paper, Devo Max would have won with over 70% of the vote.

And I am absolutely INCENSED by Cameron’s cynicism in denying Scottish voters this choice, in forcing a deeply divisive and damaging binary decision upon the whole country, in trying to pretend he was suddenly offering it after Yes had the gall to go 2 points ahead in a *single* poll, and then in breaking his promises in this regard (“clear timetable set out on the 19th”) before a single day had even elapsed. Of course Scotland’s power over the Tories is pretty weak – not so for Labour. And they will feel the pinch hard next May.

I am really, positively fired up by the aftermath of last Friday. Direct, peaceful, democratic action will be taken. That’s why I started this blog.


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