Why a blog?

GOT IT!!! A WordPress blog.

Write about whatever you (I) want.
Take as long as you need. If an article takes five revisions and two weeks, that’s fine.

Worry not about article length – people will decide themselves if it’s too long for them to bother with, much easier on blog than on Facebook!

Twitter limits not a problem – all you need paste is a link.

All content fine as long as no conflict of interests, grammatically correct and free of overly contentious language (and libel – XXXX you can help on this, maybe even proofread in exchange for the first look??)

Cathartic – get it out of system, disable comments or grow a thick skin and know when to ignore, if unsure then don’t publish but keep in drafts and sleep on it.

And most importantly – NO ANNOYING INTERRUPTIONS!!
– No vibrate to say that someone you once met likes the same photo of penguins.
– No circle of a face jumping in front of yr writing to say HEY WHATS UP
– No “Stop looking at that – here’s a pic of a ringing phone!”
– No pushing over of another application – “hey, people on this platform like it too!”

No writing 10,000 word essays on a 6 sq inch phone screen and then acting surprised when it seems a bit physically uncomfortable.

And it shall be called…
Hmmm, might need some work…

Oh look, I seem to have written my first article already.


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