YES or NO?? Or…

Over the last few days, I’ve been turning things around in my head and have come to a surprising conclusion – I don’t actually want Scottish independence.

Before I’m accused of being a turncoat, let me explain. I certainly want Scotland to make its own decisions, most particularly on spending priorities given the colossal difference in economy and society between Scotland and rUK (okay, London). But – as if it required stating – I love my adopted English family and relatives deeply, and I know from direct experience how difficult they would find a permanent, irrevocable “separation” of the countries.

I don’t think these arguments are unique to me, far from it. That’s why I believe that, had a third option been on the ballot paper, Devo Max would have won with over 70% of the vote.

And I am absolutely INCENSED by Cameron’s cynicism in denying Scottish voters this choice, in forcing a deeply divisive and damaging binary decision upon the whole country, in trying to pretend he was suddenly offering it after Yes had the gall to go 2 points ahead in a *single* poll, and then in breaking his promises in this regard (“clear timetable set out on the 19th”) before a single day had even elapsed. Of course Scotland’s power over the Tories is pretty weak – not so for Labour. And they will feel the pinch hard next May.

I am really, positively fired up by the aftermath of last Friday. Direct, peaceful, democratic action will be taken. That’s why I started this blog.



Headline spotted on the train this morning:
“Hairy Cornflake Faces Porridge”

Oh har har har, another hilaaaarious sexual abuse story. Yeah, ’cause Savile was aaaages ago now, so we’ve all manned up and can laugh at these things, right?

Sort it out, Metro. I would say you’re better than that, but I’ve seen Andrei Harmsworth’s “column”.*

* The double quotes reflect his questionable journalistic integrity and are not a cock joke, you muckminded troglodytes.

The Spark

Saturday 20th 2014.

Wings Over Scotland and Derek Bateman separately report on the BBC’s batshit insane (imho, etc etc) coverage of the odious George Square riots, whereby the destruction, by crowing Union Jack waving ultra British Nationalists, of a peaceful, powerful and positive pyrrhic celebration by “the losers”, is evidence of:

“heated views on both sides”

I mean, ugh. There is a point (and the BBC reached it a long time ago) where an unshakeable but misguided devotion to “balance” results in causing massive, massive offence to anyone on the side of Good (if you have difficulty with this concept – respect difference of views, live in a way that promotes social justice, and don’t drag a crying woman 3 feet across tarmac while she wails and desperately holds onto the flag you’re yanking out of her grasp, laughing all the time, you ****ing Neanderthal).

And that’s when it happens.

Sitting there, reading about state-sponsored misinformation on the most high-profile ultra right atrocity to hit Scottish tarmac in years, I suddenly realise:

“After last night, I see more cause for shame in my long-ago summer apprenticeship for the BBC, than I do in my double-digit career in **major UK bank**”.

BOOM. Who saw that one coming?? Not me mate, that’s for ruddy certain.

Ecerything that follows – a non-anonymised flurry of Tweets, a giddy escape from the grief of the last two days, my unexpected but proud joining of the Scottish Greens on Monday (anonymity in numbers, eh?), this blog, this post, and the 15 or so I’ve already planned in my head – stems from that. And, dear reader, you’ll never know just how freeing it is to be able to freely state that.

Onwards and upwards, chaps.

Why a blog?

GOT IT!!! A WordPress blog.

Write about whatever you (I) want.
Take as long as you need. If an article takes five revisions and two weeks, that’s fine.

Worry not about article length – people will decide themselves if it’s too long for them to bother with, much easier on blog than on Facebook!

Twitter limits not a problem – all you need paste is a link.

All content fine as long as no conflict of interests, grammatically correct and free of overly contentious language (and libel – XXXX you can help on this, maybe even proofread in exchange for the first look??)

Cathartic – get it out of system, disable comments or grow a thick skin and know when to ignore, if unsure then don’t publish but keep in drafts and sleep on it.

And most importantly – NO ANNOYING INTERRUPTIONS!!
– No vibrate to say that someone you once met likes the same photo of penguins.
– No circle of a face jumping in front of yr writing to say HEY WHATS UP
– No “Stop looking at that – here’s a pic of a ringing phone!”
– No pushing over of another application – “hey, people on this platform like it too!”

No writing 10,000 word essays on a 6 sq inch phone screen and then acting surprised when it seems a bit physically uncomfortable.

And it shall be called…
Hmmm, might need some work…

Oh look, I seem to have written my first article already.